The Seen-ly show

You have a story inside of you. You’ve shared it with your cat, but not with the world.

You’re afraid to tell it because it makes you feel. Vulnerable. Naked. Exposed.

“I was telling people ‘I was in-between jobs’. I was ashamed and embarrassed. Then one week, I slept for 3 straight days. That’s when I knew the sh-t got real. I knew I had to do something. About the drool, of course, but also about my life.”

When we show up, we become a little braver. When we choose to be seen, the world becomes a little kinder.

Seen-ly is a storytelling show where real people tell their personal stories.

It’s where we own our story. We dance with it. We allow ourselves to feel. To share. To listen. And (most importantly) to laugh.
Because vulnerability can be beautiful and funny.

Seen-ly is a place where we dare to show up. We dare to be seen. And just like that, in one little moment, we begin to heal.


Write to us OR record a voice memo ( 2-5 minutes long ) on your phone and send it to

Ours is a collaborative process. So write to us even if you think your story isn’t quite ready to be shared on stage. Because we'll work together to make sure it is.

Here's how you know if your story is good for Seen-ly

It's a story you would (ONLY) share with your therapist. It is funny to you now, even if it made you feel like burying yourself in a 6ft deep hole at the time.It's not about poo (you know you can do better than that).You are willing to show your vulnerable (brave) side.AND (most importantly) you are able to laugh at your sorry ass.


You love your little kid but you wish you never had him.
You wear a diaper to bed and you love it.
You were twice rejected for employment at McDonalds.

Sometime, it's scary to go up on stage and be ‘seen’.
The stakes are too high.
The shame is too much.
The wound is too raw.
But you still want to share your story with the world. We get it.

Tell it anonymously, in our soon to be launched audio series.
Write to us OR send a voice recording to

Can you make Kanye West smile?

Whether you are a seasoned performer, a newbie or just someone who can do funny and you want to use your skills to make a difference in this world - then write to us!
And yes, Kanye West can smile.

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